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Holding Hands

The 30 Days Relationship Challenge

What If you could...

Have more love and get the relationship you have always desire in only 30 days?
What would that look like for you? How would you feel? 
What would your life be like?
You can make this future a reality with the help of the 30 Days Relationship Challenge!
Relationship therapy won't give you these results nearly as quickly and it will cost you unnecessary time and hundreds if not thousand of dollars!

Presented by Shereen Rowter,
Founder at Splendourr

Shereen is the founder of Splendourr, a consultancy that is on a mission to help multicultural women transform their life and relationships. She has over 15 years of experience as a life coach, and holds a degree in psychology. Additionally, she is a certified marriage coach. Through her work, Shereen aims to help multicultural women strengthen their relationships and feel more alive each day!

You will learn

The formula of
" True Love'

Use this simple but effective formula to take your current relationship from being stuck to one that is thriving. By doing this, you can create the fulfilling and happy relationship you desire.

Reprogram your mind for Success

Your limiting thoughts and beliefs have been holding you back and preventing you from having the relationship you want. So reprogram your mind for success, and create the new, thriving relationship you desire.

Navigating your Needs, Expectations and Boundaries

As a classy and sophisticated woman, it's important to identify and communicate your needs, expectations and boundaries to your partner. This program teaches you how to do so in a way that is sophisticated. 

Developing Deeper bonds & Intimacy with your man

I will show you how to keep your love alive in your relationship and to create a deeper emotional connection with your partner even if you think its not possible. You can do this by learning how to increase attraction naturally using a method called 'RTR'. 


If you want to learn how to resolve conflict and create more intimacy in your relationship, then check out this powerful communication techniques. These techniques are easy to learn and implement, so you can start seeing results quickly. With these skills, you'll be able to get your partner to open up more emotionally and fall more in love with you.

Relationship Vision Roadmap

With the help of a Relationship Vision Roadmap, it will help you get clear on what you want and how to make it happen.

Fast tack your success and
use these system in just 30 Days !

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I want to join the 30 Days Relationship Challenge!

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