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The Search for Masculine Men: Why

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Many Women Have Yet to Experience a Relationship Where They Are Led, Provided For, Protected, and Cherished

Are you a woman who has yet to experience a relationship with a man who truly leads, provides, protects and cherishes you? In this article I will share my tips on how you can increase the chances of finding one.

As gender roles continue to evolve and change, it can be difficult for both men and women to understand what is expected of them in relationships. While progress has been made in the fight for gender equality, many women still find themselves seeking relationships where their male partner fully embodies healthy masculine traits like leadership, provision, protection, and cherishing. Equally so, many men have not experienced a healthy feminine traits with an equivilant female counterpart.

There is no point complaining about this issue, but instead how can we get to a place where we can have an amazing relationship with a man? A relationship where you feel valued, cared for, cherished and stress free.

Firstly, the man that you choose is a reflection of your inner self. When your inner self isn't healed, for instance, you carry emotional baggage, pain, fear and trauma from your past-, guess what happens? You tend to be attracted to a man who is also unhealed. You both bond subconsciously based on your internal current state.

In order to to experience a relationship with a man who truly leads, provides, protects and cherishes you, a women needs to level-up from her 'false self' into her 'true self'. When you shed off your hurt, pain and all of these baggage you are carrying, it will eliminate your false self and bring forth your true self. Doing this type of inner work takes time and effort but it will set you up for success. (Read on how to: Heal and let go of your past trauma)

As you level-up, you will naturally repel toxic and broken men or you will be able to identify traits that are toxic and no longer find these types of broken or toxic masculine men attractive to you. They will no longer resonate with you.

You will meet all kind of men - Men who are entertainers at the beginning, they will put up a show and entertain you to get with you, men who are trying to leach off you, men who have no purpose and no passion in life , men who are broke, men who are potentials, men who want you to be their second mother, men who want you to have babies for them, men who are threaten by your success or wants to make use of your success.etc.

Basically, you know there are plenty of dysfunctional men and women as well, out there. The key is for you, most importantly to focus on yourself - built urself up, eliminate all the significant trauma you had, wether it's big or small. When most of that is healed, toxic and broken masculine men will fall off you. In fact the way you respect yourself and carry yourself, is enough to turn off most of these men who don't resonate with your true self.

Next, where can you find a man who will lead, provide, protect, and cherish you in the way you deserve once you have arrive at a good level of inner work?

A good option is to seek out men who are actively working to cultivate their masculinity and live up to these healthy roles. These men may be involved in groups or communities that emphasise healthy gender roles, or they may simply be individuals who are committed to personal growth and self-improvement. By making an effort to connect with these men and build relationships with them, you may be able to find someone who embodies these attributes.

In addition after you have worked sufficiently with your inner core self, it is important to begin building on your outer self so that you are now a balance woman - such as building your own sense of independence and self-sufficiency. While it's important to have a partner who is supportive and loving, it's also important to be able to rely on yourself and take care of your own needs. By developing your own strengths and skills, you may be able to attract a man who is confident and capable in his masculinity, and who is able to lead, provide, protect, and cherish you in a healthy and balanced way.

Ultimately, finding a man who fully embodies his masculinity and is able to lead, provide, protect, and cherish you is a journey that will take time and effort. But with patience and persistence, you can find the kind of relationship you're looking for and create a fulfilling and meaningful partnership with a man who is truly in his masculinity.

If you want to work me to have the relationship of your desire please book in your FREE 30 mins discovery call.

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