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About Splendourr

Have the Relationship you Desire

Shereen Rowter


Splendourr is born from a dire need to empower ethnic minority women with a methodology and tools to build relationships that are healthy, deeply enriching and loving. 

We seek to be a consultancy that provides Personal, Leadership and Relationship Development that considers the cultural characteristics of minority women and designed our products and services to be culturally aware, sensitive and address some of the challenges minority women face.

Unlike other coaching and counselling practices that deliver content and therapy based on relationships, the Splendourr approach delivers the holistic art, science, methods and philosophy of relationships, when women learn to fully live with a powerful self - that transforms her perception of relationships around her as well as influencing her environment to match with her internal world and needs.

Our Vision

To enable women in ethnic minority communities to feel deeply alive each day by holistically enriching personal growth and nurturing empowering relationships that deter family breakdown, divorce and toxic relationships. 

Our Mission

Strengthening families by transforming relationships - one woman at a time

Our Values

Commitment to clients

Meet Our Founder

Be not conform by this world but be transform by the renewing of your mind

~ Shereen Rowter

Shereen Rowter;

Philanthropreneur and transformation specialist

Before founding Splendourr,  Shereen was the CEO of the Muslim Women Council of Victoria in Australia, where she oversees the organisation's strategic growth. She is passionate about enabling women with a fantastic life - both personally and professionally.

She is known for her engagement in driving vision, inspiring leadership, and building integrity within individuals, businesses, and enterprises. Shereen works collaboratively with solopreneurs, small businesses, medium-to-large companies, and government enterprises.

Outside running her busy schedule, Shereen is a self-proclaimed photography enthusiast. She loves supercars, travelling, architecture and has a deep appreciation for music.
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