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The Ultimate Guide to Heal and Let go

Program Overview

The Ultimate Guide to heal and let go is a short masterclass for those who wants to heal and let go of past wound and emotional pains before stepping into your next relationship and marriage. Detoxing yourself is extremely important if you wish to set up yourself up for success in your next relationship. The program will teach you how to use the 5 Step framework taken from Neurocycle, a scientific method to detox your mind from your past, and prevent issues from the past resurfacing into your next future relationship. It allows you to heal and approach new relationships with a clear and open heart. It should take you about 15 - 45 minutes to complete the whole masterclass depending on the amount of deep thought you wish to put into and you don't need your partner to do this with you. What you will need for this masterclass: - Your laptop, computer or hand held device. - Online program delivery means you can do it all from the comfort of your own home - Get value from this program immediately - and its FREE.



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