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Who we are

Splendourr is a Relationship, Leadership and Self-transformation Australian consultancy for ethnic minority

and multicultural women.

Splendourr is a relationship, leadership and self-transformation consultancy that provides coaching, training and mentoring to ethnic minority women and multicultural women in Australia and around the world who are struggling to improve their life and relationships or for those seeking a new and loving relationship that last.

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How Splendourr can help you?

Splendourr takes on a transformative approach and a solution-based focus by combining techniques used in Psychotherapy, Psychology, Neuroscience and coaching that results in a permanent paradigm shift to your life and relationships.


Learn new technique of communication,

influence others,

understanding your value and self worth


Transform unhealthy thought patterns subconsciously which stops you from having the life you desire.


Have healthy passionate relationship that is fulfilling. Learn how to develop strong intimate skills and maintain healthy relationships.

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Live your best life! Learn to break free from living on autopilot. You are not the product of your past and circumstances. 

Begin Your Journey

Are you a WOMAN struggling in your marriage or relationshiP?
Do you want to find the key to havE the life and relationship of your desire?

In only 30 days our relationship coaching is able to help you turn your relationship around without expensive and tiring traditional therapy sessions that could span over months and years. Our method is a combination of different techniques that are culture-sensitive and effective, providing you with the results you desire. It uses a combination of different techniques - like neuroscience, psychology, psychotherapy and coaching that results in a permanent paradigm shift to your life and relationships. Our system is tailored to your specific needs and provides you with results immediately when you apply them. We provide you with the tools, roadmap and achievable milestones so you get to your destination effortlessly.

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What you will learn

✔︎  Free yourself from your past constrains - the past is not who you are

✔︎  Create the life and relationship you want NOW 

✔︎  Discover why you are not getting the results you want in your relationship 

✔︎  Rekindle your love and increase attraction in your relationship 

✔︎ Discover how to deepen connection and intimacy with your partner  

✔︎ Dive deep into the self-limiting belief you have about relationships 

✔︎ Discover how you are self-sabotaging your relationship 

✔︎ Gain new insights into the dynamic of your relationship

✔︎ Influencing others in your life through empowering communication 

✔︎ Provide the space for your partner to step up 

✔︎ Move away from toxic, painful relationships and grow healthy ones

✔︎ Establish consistency and trust with those around you 

✔︎ Increase your confidence around your relationships  

✔︎ Strengthen your self-worth and value  

✔︎ Re-discover who you truly are and live your best life 

✔︎ Develop your integrity and self-love, essential for any relationship to thrive 

✔︎ Be treated like the queen you are- with honour, respect and care  

✔︎  Maintain a balance dynamic with healthy polarity with your partner 

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From Our Blog

Our blog is a place for women who desires an amazing life and relationship to reflect on and connect over their favourite learning techniques, and tips.

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